How does prebiotics work?

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Many people may have heard that many foods contain prebiotics. They may help improve gut and digestive system health. However, many people may never know what prebiotics are. And how is it beneficial to the intestines? 

The human gut is home to many types of bacteria that aid in digestion and promote better gut health. When eating foods that contain prebiotics. The digestive process creates optimal conditions in the gastrointestinal tract or intestines. This process helps balance the good bacteria in the intestines. and helps promote good health for the digestive system UFABET

Often found in fruits and vegetables. Especially vegetables or fruits that contain complex carbohydrates like fiber and resistant starches, such as garlic,  onions, wheat, barley, oats, soybeans, apples, bananas, and tomatoes, etc.

How to eat foods that contain prebiotics appropriately?

Eating foods that contain is beneficial to your health. Consumers should choose to eat raw foods. This is because boiling or heat treatment can reduce the amount of prebiotics in the food. However, although most people can eat safely. But some consumers may face some side effects as well. Therefore, before consuming any dietary supplement product that contains. Always seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist regarding safety first.