3 Card Poker Rules.

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3 Card Poker Rules couldn’t be simpler. You only have two options to choose from after being dealt cards: Play and Fold.

You will forfeit your cards and your Ante bet if you decide to fold. And You won’t be able to win the hand, even if the dealer has a very weak hand.

If you decide to place the Play bet. You will stay in the hand until the very end. When your cards will be compared to the dealer’s holdings.

Keep in mind that there is no drawing or discarding in 3 Card Poker. And you will only have the three cards you get dealt at your disposal. So make your decisions based on these UFABET 

When it comes to comparing hands in 3 Card Poker. It’s clear that some hands. Such as full houses and four of a kind. Don’t exist in this variation of the game.

Hand rankings in 3 Card Poker are as follows:

Royal Flush

Straight Flush

Three of a Kind



One Pair

High Card

Of course, you won’t be able to make real straights and flushes with just three cards. But three cards in a row will count as a straight. Three cards of the same suit will count as a flush, etc.

This simple hand ranking should be easy enough to understand for anyone who has ever played poker. And at the end of the day, the dealer will tell you if you have won or lost anyway.

With that said, I have covered all the rules of the game you need to know about. So it’s time to talk about payouts and special bets in 3 Card Poker Rules.