Alonso impressed by Robert Andrich performance.

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Robert Andrich played a brilliant libero-like role in Freiburg’s 1-1 draw. Earning him praise from the football club’s coaching staff.

Xavier Alonso Trainer Leverkusen He praised the performance of 28-year-old midfielder Robert Andrich. Who played like a libero in Freiburg’s 1-1 draw after Jonathan Tah and Pi were suspend. Aero Incapie, according to a report from Build on Monday. 

Tah and Inkapiee’s bans mean that. Andrich has to play in a different role. with functions similar to Libero The 28-year-old midfielder has performed. UFABET So well that it impressed the trainers of the drug store team.

‘He played well. very good in that position He is like a libero. And He defends in the centre, Rob is very important for us with his character and his personality. He always wants to win and be there.’ Alonso said of the 28-year-old.

Andrich is an addition to Edmond Tapsoba and Odilon Cozunu in a defensive game. That the Spaniard adds: ‘A good midfielder can play in that position and I think Rob enjoys it.’

Asked if Andrich will continue to play in that role in the future. Alonso replied: ‘It is possible for the future. It is important for us without Inkapie and Tah. We have to decide how to play. And I think that was a good decision.’