Manchester United alumni saw a shadow falling over Hoylund.

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Former Manchester United midfielder from the golden era. Paul Scholes, defines the current generation of strikers, Rasmus Hoylund, who recently scored 2 goals one of which was ruled offside in the Champions League game, losing 2- to Galatasaray 3 yesterday. That he is the player who is most similar to Van Nistelrooy, the greatest striker of the net in the 2000s.

Hoylund moved from Atalanta for a fee of £72 million initially awaiting his debut due to a lower back injury. But when playing as a real player in the last 5 matches. He scored 3 goals and showed his potential in many areas. UFABET 

That has led Scholes to say the 20-year-old striker is similar to the Dutch striker. Who has won the English Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup once and has scored 150 goals in total.

“It’s normal for you to be very disappointed. But at least we got to see the excitement that the team gave us. That was Hoylund, who scored two goals.” said an analyst from ‘Football on TNT Sports’. 

“The two goals he scored were outstanding. Personally, I like the 2nd goal. He didn’t give the center back a chance to block, baiting him until he was headbanging. Then the account was closed – a chilling finish. There have also been goals scored that have been forfeited because they were offside.” 

“And I thought in my head – Wow! This is a little Ruud van Nistelrooy shadow-”

The Dutch striker’s five years at United were highlighted by the 2002-03 season. Where he scored 25 goals and won the league Golden Boot. Ready to help win the English Premier League championship. While Hoylund is still waiting for his first goal in a league game.